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Plymouth Drain Cleaning

Plymouth Drain Cleaning Services

Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain LLC is a leader in clogged plumbing clean out and rooter services in Plymouth, MN. We have the latest technology and equipment to provide top notch professional service for residents and businesses. If you have clogged plumbing, or if you need a drain cleaned out, look no further. We are Plymouth drain and sewer cleaning specialists. For prompt and professional service call us now at 763-232-5506.

Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain LLC - 100% Quality Guarantee & WarrantyPlymouth Area Services Include:

  • Sewer cleaning and clean out
  • Floor drain cleaning and clean out
  • Unclogging clogged plumbing and pipes
  • Laundry tub clean out
  • Unclog toilets
  • Bathtub and shower drain clean out and unclogging
  • Kitchen sink drain clean out and unclogging
  • Bathroom sink unclog
  • Basement and mop sinks cleaning and unclogging
  • Septic unclogging
  • Frozen lines and thawing
  • Flood drain clogs
  • Camera and video inspections
  • Commercial cleaning and unclogging
  • Rooter and snaking services
  • Hydro jetting


Map of Plymouth, Minnesota


Plymouth Sewer & Water Facts

The City of Plymouth maintains a water system with more than 350 miles of pipes, over 4000 fire hydrants and 7,800 valves.  The sewer system is made up of 300 miles of piping and 8000 manholes.  The drinking water is provided by wells drawing from aquifers and is the system is constantly expanding.

Plymouth Drain & Sewer Services

Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain LLC - Any Drain, Day or NightPlymouth sewer cleaning – Plymouth has many older homes in neighborhoods throughout the city.  Many homes are over 100 years old with old sewer pipes that are constantly being invaded by tree roots and clogs.  Cutting Edge Sewer has the equipment to cut thru roots and begin proper flow immediately.
Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain LLC - Any Drain, Day or NightPlymouth drain cleaning – Cutting Edge Sewer cleans all types of clogged drains. Common drains that we clean are; toilets, shower drains, tub drains, sink drains, laundry drains, kitchen drains, floor drains and more.
Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain LLC - Any Drain, Day or NightPlymouth clogged toilet – There are many reasons why toilets are getting clogged.  Small children are notorious for trying to flush toys and other objects.  We have seen toy cars, racquetballs, clothes, phones, food and more.  For quick relief from your Plymouth area clogged toilet call Cutting Edge Sewer.
Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain LLC - Any Drain, Day or NightPlymouth commercial drain and sewer cleaning – Many businesses in Plymouth constantly have sewer and drain problems.  When a problem arises in a business or apartment building speed is essential to remedy the problem. Call Cutting Edge Sewer for your commercial clogged drain services.