bigstock-Portrait-of-a-young-woman-hold-55157804Drain Cleaning – Part of Spring Cleaning!

Spring is right around the corner. Have you ever thought of having drain cleaning part of your spring cleaning list?

Think of this – all year and winter long your drains keep working.  Discharges from kitchen sinks, dishwasher, bathtubs, garbage disposals, dehumidifiers, laundry, etc., add up to major stink and potential for clogs. To get rid of those fowl odors and make your laundry rooms and basements more inviting have them professionally cleaned.

To minimize stink and potential clogs it is recommended that your drains be cleaned thoroughly at least once every two years. Now, you might be thinking you have never had drains cleaned  and you have lived in your house 20 years. Well it might be something to think about for the simple fact that if one of your pipes decides to break when you are on vacation the water will at least be able to drain. Drains are one of the most over looked maintenance items in the home.

Make drain cleaning part of your spring cleaning – call Cutting Edge Sewer Today! 763-232-5506.