Trees are beautiful additions to any home. Trees add privacy, block wind, provide shade and add a nice decorative element to the home. Trees have some obvious negative features also.  They can grow and cause problems with any overhead lines, they can come down in a storm and damage property. Trees can have – not so obvious, negative problems that lurk in the ground – clogged sewer lines.

Trees need water, nutrients and oxygen to survive and if they need these, tree roots will search for them did they find a source. Sewer lines provide tree roots what they crave and will search for an opening in the pipe or create its own.  If there is a little trickle leaking from a sewer line the roots will zero in on that spot.

You do not want tree roots growing in your sewer line.  Slowing but surely the roots will block solids and eventually stop liquid from flowing thru.  So to get rid of tree roots and clean out your sewer drain call Cutting Edge Sewer at 763-232-5506.