OK – we know this could be a stinky subject but it does need to be addressed.  The throne, otherwise know as the toilet, does have its moments where it just will not flush well and is getting clogged more and more.  Below we put together a few remedies to acquire smooth sailing.

First of all, we need to understand how the toilet is built and how it functions.  The hole you see at the bottom of the toilet does not go straight down the pipe.  The channel within the toilet is actually a lay down s shape so water purposely stays in the channel inside the toilet. The water actually completely blocks air, or most of all sewer gas, seeping into your home.  When you flush the toilet the water in  the tank falls and pushes out the solids and water that was originally located in the bottom of the toilet.

Secondly, why/how the toilet gets clogged.  The main reason toilets get clogged is because solids in the s curve are stuck or too heavy to be pushed out. Another reason it may be time for a new toilet.  Old toilets will develop spots where solids, paper can get stuck and not flow well. Also, check the venting which could slow down water flow. Also, do not forget the dreaded kids toys or objects dropped in the toilets.

bigstock-A-plumber-uses-a-plunger-to-un-30686324Listed below are ways to increase flowage and unclog the throne.

  1. Use plunger

  2. Use chemical such as; Drano or Liquid Plumber

  3. Use a hand snake

  4. Purchase a new toilet

  5. Clean out vents

  6. Hire a professional and quit messing around

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