A clogged kitchen sink can put a damper on your meal time cooking endeavors.  The kitchen drain is used and abused throughout the day from water running into the sink, garbage disposal and the dishwasher.  With the multiple sources it is no wonder why the kitchen sink gets clogged.

One of the biggest reason a kitchen sink gets plugged up so often is the fact that the kitchen is normally located on an outside wall, far away from the main stack.  The kitchen sink drain pipe runs horizontal for a long distance which increases the chance of plugging up.

bigstock-Hands-of-professional-Plumber--52258099To help eliminate the clogging of your kitchen drain try to place more leftover foods in the waste basket rather than using the disposer. Also, clean off more plates into the waste basket rather than placing in the dishwasher. Don’t forget to make sure the vent is clear and inspect the drain pipe to make sure there is decline from the sink to the main stack.

A clogged kitchen drain is usually a hard to unclogged by one self and normally requires using a professional to properly snake the entire drain to the main vertical stack.

Make sure you hire a professional drain cleaner to clear out your clogged kitchen sink drain. Call Cutting Edge Sewer & Drain at 763-232-5506.